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Life’s Mural

My life is a mural, With stories to tell, Some bits of my mural Are painted less well. Some bits are shabby And some bits are bright, Some bits are darker. Some parts flood with light. The story my mural … Continue reading

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Day by Day

Each day was a wish, A hope and a prayer, Each day was a miracle, Her son was still there. He was ill, he was dying, He didn’t have long, Each day that he lived, A new verse in life’s … Continue reading

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Making Memories

We’ll make memories, You and me, Hold my hand And come and see. Everything we say or do Will make a memory anew. Some will be funny, Some will be sweet, Some will be sad And some we won’t beat. … Continue reading

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How rarely we stop And appreciate Now, In all its glory. We capture it on film, Or in words; Rehearsing memories Not yet made. Inventing memories, To be played To others As we celebrate The perfect life we have. But … Continue reading

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Dear Wayne

You may not walk among us, But you’re with us every day, You’re with us when we see the things That make us stop and say Wayne would really love that… Do you remember when…? Do you miss Wayne? I … Continue reading

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Light Extinguished

There was a light, But the tunnel felt so long. Keep trying.. People urged You can do it.. They cat called half-heartedly, Not really believing what they said. But he didn’t want to. Why should he? Could he not just … Continue reading

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Slade Gang

When I think back to my younger days, On Slade Road, Ilfracombe And recall all those times gone by, Only happy memories loom. It was a rather special place, Where I made lifelong friends, We now live many miles apart, … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Work

I trail behind you Picking up discarded belongings, Socks, Toys, Memories. I hand each back as it’s needed, To clothe a cold foot, To complete a game, To reveal the mysteries of times passed. What else is a mother But … Continue reading

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Nothing Changes

Nothing has changed, Except everything has. A familiar song comes on the radio. It transports me back. A decade. More. Suddenly I’m alone. I’m scared. I can’t eat. And I hate myself. Words swim before me, On my computer screen.

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Glorious Glitter

Glitter is powered by magic, It’s the only way I can explain, How you use glitter once, And you tidy it up, But it appears again and again. Even the tiniest dusting of glitter, Will reach all the crannies and … Continue reading

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