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Run to Live to Run

She ran because to stand still was to die. He didn’t understand why this was so; But he was not the one whose head said go. She couldn’t stop her run to question why. But could she answer, even if … Continue reading

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The Chase

The faster you run The faster I hide From the demon You you give rise to Clawing inside Of my guts Of my belly My mind And my head It’s monstrous Preposterous Why can’t you instead Just run slowly Less … Continue reading

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Morning Run

We run before the others rise, Beneath ink blue and starry skies, Our feet upon cold pavements beat, The only feet upon the street. We like our early morning run, Whilst others think it can’t be fun, For me and … Continue reading

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Early Morning Run

Cold early mornings, Everyone else is sleeping; My feet pound the streets.

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Running Away

Again you are leaving, You’re running away, Away from the problems That plague you by day. The problems that worry you Through the dark nights Will follow you, Leaching good times From your sights. You run and you run, But … Continue reading

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So small… So fast!

There was a girl who had a dog, That fitted in her pocket He was small, but his short legs Propelled him like a rocket. When she took him out for walks He always ran too fast The boys and … Continue reading

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That moment when

That moment when, It all becomes worthwhile. That moment when, You stop and then you smile, That moment Etched forever in your mind That moment Not a better one you’ll find. I did it! I DID IT! I am so … Continue reading

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I’m done with being scared, I might not be well prepared, And my feet will hurt like hell, And the rest of me will swell. And my time will not be fast, But the miles WILL plod past, And I’ll … Continue reading

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Love Abounds – Thank You!

I have a life that’s full of love, Where kindnesses abound. A life devoid of hatred, Where no anger can be found. I thank my lucky stars each day, That life can feel so good, And think about the times … Continue reading

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The Day She Knew She Could

She told herself she couldn’t, A thousand times a day, Because she knew she wouldn’t, She couldn’t find a way, To climb this giant mountain, Looming straight ahead, A hill, she might have managed, A mountain’d leave her dead. She … Continue reading

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