Re Think

Looking forwards,

Never backwards,

Not quite liking what I see.

It’s important I remind myself,

Of who I want to be.

In honesty,

I’m getting there.

I’m doing pretty well.

But I’ve got a brain

To whom good things

Are rather hard to tell.

I zoom in on the negative;

I pick the good apart.

Seeing dirt around the edges

Not the clean and healthy heart.

But the first step is awareness,

Knowing that I think this way;

The next is slowly changing

How my thoughts wrap round each day.

The change will be a process

Incremental but profound;

And in time

The grip the dark thoughts have

Will slowly be unwound.

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2 Responses to Re Think

  1. artterry says:

    Slowly working my way through these poems. This one says so much to me, it is positive and very helpful, thank you Pooky.

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  2. Robin Lacey says:

    Yes it’s a long journey isn’t it!


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