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The Uniform of Youth

I’m struck by your natural beauty As you sweep onto the train, Loaded with bags, Dripping with rain, Windswept, Bedraggled, Beautiful. You don’t look like the rest. You’re special. Freckles bring your face to life, Make it dance with every … Continue reading

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Invasive Thoughts

What if the thoughts you had were not your own, But thoughts of other people in disguise, Their thoughts where yours should be, and your thoughts blown To someplace else, behind some other’s eyes. How could you tell? What would … Continue reading

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How Long Will It Be?

How long will it be, I wonder, Before you want to straighten your hair? Before you declare your beautiful curls uncool, And your arms fat, And your legs short, And your chest flat? How long will it be, I wonder, … Continue reading

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Feeling Safe

When my hand, Is in your hand, All my worries go away. I feel safe, And whole, And happy, As I withdraw from the fray Of daily life, And for a time, I think of nothing more, Than the feeling, … Continue reading

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Twenty Six point Two

Twenty six point two miles is a very long way! Is the kind of insightful thing folks say, When I tell them I’m running a marathon, And that four point six miles is the furthest I’ve run. I’ve had other … Continue reading

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Don’t Step into the Darkness

Have you ever stepped into the darkness, To the place that isn’t there, To the place where all your worries are, And everyone you care Feels distant and unloving, And a little out of reach, Trapped behind a barrier, You … Continue reading

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The Man in a Suit

What do you see When you look at me? Asked the husband of one, And father of three. Do you see a good husband? The love of a Dad? Or grey hair, And wrinkles, And fun times not had? Or … Continue reading

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Friday Evening

It’s Friday at last, The week has flown past, In a flurry of meetings, And deadlines, And tasks. Now it’s time to relax, Take our shoes off, kick back, Let the weekend, Make up For what most weekdays lack. Now … Continue reading

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Other Worlds

When you live in a world, That you don’t understand, It’s hard not to reach out, With a shaking tired hand, To a world that makes sense, Though you know that it’s wrong, Because this is a world, Where you … Continue reading

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Sitting at the edge of nowhere, Looking far and wide, Scared of all that’s out there, Scared more of what’s inside. Tormented by the Devil, Taunted by my mind, Introspection’s dangerous When you don’t like what you find. Dangling from … Continue reading

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