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Safe Sleep

You succumb to sleep in moments, Peace washes over you, The terrors of your younger night times Gone… Nothing But a faded memory. You welcome sleep, Embrace it, Enjoy it. You no longer fear it. You hold sleep, And it … Continue reading

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The Protagonist’s View

He told it differently. His memory Was not of the life she lived, The way she felt, The way things were To her. She recalled Fear, Sadness, Longing. He glossed over that. Did he feel no regret? Or did he … Continue reading

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Winded and wounded He lay down to rest, He hadn’t quite finished But he had done his best. Tomorrow, a new day Would be a new chance To compete and complete This unparalleled dance. He retired for the day With … Continue reading

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Down Days and Numb Days

On down days I wish for numb days And on numb days I wish for down days. On the down days The pain is so hard to bear That I’d give anything Just to stop it being there. But on … Continue reading

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Procrastination [Haiku]

He stands, wondering. Is it time? He asks himself. Tomorrow perhaps…

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When You’re Five

Each day is different and new When you’re five, You learn such a lot Just by being alive. You get some things right, And you get some things wrong, And you’re doing and learning The whole new day long. But … Continue reading

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He was sad, But he didn’t say. He was mad, But he didn’t say. He was glad, But he didn’t say. For who was there to listen?

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The Intrepid Rabbit

The rabbit emerged, blinking, from his warren; Today he would explore new territory. He was jumpy, Scared, Uncertain what he’d find. His young legs had never travelled far. His young mind had not imagined much. He was intrepid, Keen to … Continue reading

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Proudly, Loudly, Wrong

She walked, Proudly, But with the certainty Of one who knew she was wrong. And she sang, Loudly. She knew the words, But of a different song. Strong, wrong-footed She travelled Day and night, Along a straight path That forced … Continue reading

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Two Years of Poems! [Haiku]

A poem a day: Two years recorded in verse. Continue or pause? — I have written a poem every single day for two years. I think it’s fair to say they’ve been varied both in topic and in quality. I … Continue reading

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