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By His Own Hand

How could you? They asked you, How could you? But you could not answer As you were not here. Why would you? They asked you, Why would you? But their questions fell onto The world’s deafest ears. I loved you! … Continue reading

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Pride in her Fall

She was proud of her failures, They showed that she’d tried, She’d out climbed her limits And fell with great pride.

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Out of Harm’s Reach

I see danger, You see fun, Because you’re a kid And because I’m your Mum. Since you’ve existed, I’ve worried each day About how to keep you Right out of harm’s way. But you are oblivious, And long may it … Continue reading

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The Shadow – a poem about depression

I see the shadow that follows you round, That muffles your laughter, Throws joy to the ground. I see you attempt to escape its cold grip But you cannot run fast enough, Not long ’til you trip And the shadow … Continue reading

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The End

The world is ending, We don’t notice. We don’t care. Caught in the moment.

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Grey Haired Man

The grey hair That you think makes you look old? It tells us you’ve lived. And the laughter lines around your mouth Speak of a life well-lived. Your crows’ feet Emphasise the sparkle in your eyes, And the little extra … Continue reading

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Life Review

When I was 5 I walked brave and tall, I had no worries, No, none at all. I skipped and I danced And I held my head high, And you couldn’t find anything I wouldn’t give a try. When I … Continue reading

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Is there, perhaps, another way?

The sun shone on her back, And she shivered. Head full, Stomach empty, Body barely there. The light summer breeze Buffeted her like a hurricane As she fought Familiar thoughts, And cried Familiar tears. It had been this way so … Continue reading

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Happy Rain

Summer rain splashed on her hair and her clothes, Gushes of water dripped off of her nose, But she couldn’t care less, That her hair was a mess, Because dancing in rain made her happy. She splished and she sploshed, … Continue reading

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Guiding Hand – a poem for those whose fathers are with them in spirit only on Father’s Day

I know we can do this, together, She said holding her dead father’s hand. He’d been gone now for over a decade, But she knew only he’d understand About things that were weighing her mind down, About things that she … Continue reading

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