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How Are You?

A simple question, But an answer Too complicated to comprehend. She said ‘I’m fine’.. Not because she was, Nor because she was hiding, But because the truth Needed words She had not Yet Mastered.

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New Leaves [Haiku]

Like fingers curled tight, Tempted to unfurl by light. Spring leaves, Spring promise.

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Disability, Invisibility

He sat, patiently, Whilst conversations happened over him. He sat, patiently, Whilst decisions were made on his behalf. He sat, patiently, Whilst questions were asked about him, not to him. He sat, patiently, Wondering why disability brought invisibility. He sat, … Continue reading

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Standing tall and bright You fill the room with joy. Your petals full An exclamation of happy. I pray each day Will not be the one you droop And wilt, Leaking happy On the sideboard below, Mingled with dark pollen.

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Dense and dark The rolling cloud Expressed thoughts Dared not said aloud. The rolling cloud, And driving rain, Looked like the feeling Of his brain. But in that sky, So bleak, so grey, A small patch, Where clouds did not … Continue reading

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Spring Time (by Lyra)

Springtime is lovely, Sun, Rain. Flowers are blooming, Pink, Gold. Rain is a-falling, Down on the flowers, Springtime is lovely, Sun, Rain.

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Afraid of the Dark

She was scared of the dark And the dark crept in, As the dark crept in, Bad dreams would begin, As the bad dreams began, She would start to shake, Which was why she fought hard To stay wide, wide … Continue reading

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