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The only thing we felt was love today; A love for life and a man, great. Today was void of pity, hurt or shame, The last thing on our minds was hate. We drank to you and toasted memories, Of … Continue reading

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Dear Alex

Your smile made me smile And your soft hands made my day I only knew you for a short time, But I’m sad you’ve gone away. I like to think in Heaven Your dementia is relieved That you’re less confused … Continue reading

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By His Own Hand

How could you? They asked you, How could you? But you could not answer As you were not here. Why would you? They asked you, Why would you? But their questions fell onto The world’s deafest ears. I loved you! … Continue reading

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Guiding Hand – a poem for those whose fathers are with them in spirit only on Father’s Day

I know we can do this, together, She said holding her dead father’s hand. He’d been gone now for over a decade, But she knew only he’d understand About things that were weighing her mind down, About things that she … Continue reading

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Gone Too Soon

Time was short, But love was strong, Whilst you were cuddled tight. Taken from us, Far too soon, But not without a fight. In your short life, You were so strong, You fought To stay here longer, To nestle in … Continue reading

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Parting Moments

Her world slipped into darkness, As his world was filled with light, He entered as she exited, They’d journeyed through the night. She hung on bravely wishing For a cuddle and a kiss, And the moments that she held him … Continue reading

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Morning Mourning

Exhaustion engulfed her And rocked her to sleep, She welcomed it, knowing The black fog would keep Her mind from recalling The things that she’d seen, The things she had heard And the places she’d been. She’d relive those moments … Continue reading

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Too Old

Her wrinkled hand Sat still and cold. The time had come, She’d got too old. Her breath had left, Now peace at last; A blessing, Death had come so fast.

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How Could You? (A poem to aid discussion about bereavement)

I can’t believe you left me. I can’t believe you’ve gone. I can’t believe you’ve gone and died, Now everything feels wrong. I can’t imagine smiling. I can’t imagine joy. I can’t imagine feeling like A normal girl or boy. … Continue reading

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Day by Day

Each day was a wish, A hope and a prayer, Each day was a miracle, Her son was still there. He was ill, he was dying, He didn’t have long, Each day that he lived, A new verse in life’s … Continue reading

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