Day by Day

Each day was a wish,
A hope and a prayer,
Each day was a miracle,
Her son was still there.
He was ill, he was dying,
He didn’t have long,
Each day that he lived,
A new verse in life’s song.

She knew he was dying,
She’d have to let go,
But how she would do it,
She just didn’t know.
She carried on living,
Day by day,
Week by week,
Each day they made memories,
The family could keep.

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4 Responses to Day by Day

  1. Yu/stan/kema says:

    Pooky: Very good poem.


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  2. That is a sad poem, yet with such light rhyming that it disoriented me. I suppose that reflects how disorienting it must be for a parent in this position. I hope this is not what is happening to you.

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