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The Opera – #Haiku

We stare enchanted As they sing of love and death. Our hearts are captured.

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Floating Away

He watched in despair As the balloon floated away. A sphere of yellow In a sky of perfect blue. As it drifted higher, The tears rolled down his daughter’s cheeks. Big, fat, silent tears. For she was not one to … Continue reading

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What she saw

Everything she thought she knew, About the man she thought she loved, Disintegrated in a single moment. A moment that would last for many more, Burnt as it was into her memory. And yet the world continued to spin. The … Continue reading

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Magic Doors

Life feels like magic When you are four. If you want an adventure You walk through a door. Any old door will do, Black, green or white, But if you walk through a red one, Prepare for a fright. As … Continue reading

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Girls Like Pink and Boys Like Blue

Girls like pink and boys like blue, Except for little girls like you. You like blue and green and red, (Though sometimes you choose pink instead) You quite like frills, you like mud too… You list your favourite things to … Continue reading

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Blue Skies

Skies of blue and sounds of joy Erupt from every girl and boy. Kids are happy, adults too But sunny weekends leave me blue. As people play, and laugh and shout, I’m sat in prison, looking out. The gate’s not … Continue reading

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Accidental Hero

A hero in the eyes of many, His life was lived in the shadow of The Deed. A deed so good its doing proceeded him No matter where he travelled. You’d have done the same. He said, knowing they wouldn’t. … Continue reading

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