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The Hole

This hole I’m in, I didn’t dig it, Not purposefully. My foot slipped, Earth cascaded away beneath me And Before I knew it, I was knee deep in a muddy hole. I tried to step out, But I didn’t try … Continue reading

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Moving On

Near but far Words causing a chasm Gaping for all eternity. A last chance to throw a life-raft Dashed To drown? No. To swim.

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Long Distance Hugs [Haiku]

Folded in your arms I feel safe and warm and loved. The journey: worth it! — I drove 162 miles for a cuddle with close friends who have even more memories of my grandpa than me. 

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The last words you heard were I love you. There were no words that we left unsaid. I was sad you were finally leaving, Last gasps from a hospital bed. Despite the unlikely surroundings, So clinical, stark and so bare, … Continue reading

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The Best Therapy [Haiku]

Powered by sunshine You bound, your joy infectious. The best therapy.

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Single Malt Smile

A gentleman still, Who will not take his whisky Through a straw; But in a crystal glass. Cheers! You whisper, Oblivious to the long minutes it has taken To raise your glass. Cheers. I say, Happy-Sad at the sight Of … Continue reading

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What about me

I’m not ready. But you are. I thought the last Was still afar. I thought you’d stay forever. I thought we had more time. I thought there’d never come a day Without your hand in mine. They say they’ll make … Continue reading

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