He’s fine

A big day of small moments;

Pausing in a corridor to ask

‘How are you?’

The surprise of an honest,


Response made her pause

Before asking again.

A new man.

In a stairwell

Who shared also his truth.

A dark one,

But with shards of light

Peeking through.

The last man she asked



The first time;

But when again


‘How are you?’

His tale was sad.

Shared between


And goodbyes

Muttered to others passing

Heads nodding,

Hands raised.

Three men

Whose smiles had masked sadness

And whose words

Touched her deeply

In little

Big ways.

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3 Responses to He’s fine

  1. artterry says:

    I think I need to think about his one. A lot more in, than there at first seems.


  2. There is a lot going on behind your words. Well done.


  3. artterry says:

    Hi Pooky, I knew this poem resonated in some special way and I have realised it is in the use of the word fine. If you have time here’s a link to my blog page about feeling ‘fine’. I could be one of these three. as could most people. You may have read this before, I don’t know but I do know that I have moved on a bit more and so thank you for reminding me that I have. Thank you also for your own not inconsiderable part in that moving on, your own open honesty and the love and care you show are inspirational. Here’s to more big days of small moments . Take care. x. artterry.wordpress.com/2018/07/22/fine-is-not-fine/


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