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Goodbye – a poem for #EDAW2014

After the emotion’s spent, And no more feelings left to vent, There’s only one more thing to say, Goodbye my angel – wend your way To happy places, free of fear, And know that as we shed our tears, We’re … Continue reading

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A Father’s View – a poem for #EDAW2014

He watched her sleeping. A baby again, With not a care in the world. But the moment she woke, Her world would cave in on her. Make it almost impossible for them both to breathe. Never had he felt so … Continue reading

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Boy Anorexic – a poem for #EDAW2014

For weeks or months, They didn’t know, Just quite what could be wrong. If he’d been a girl, of course, It wouldn’t take so long. To come to a conclusion About why he seemed to shrink, But as a boy, … Continue reading

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Recovery – a poem for #EDAW2014

She’d fought and won. That’s what they said, But what they couldn’t know, Was that each and every meal time, Dealt another blow, To a thin veneer she’d painted on, In the hope that she could pass, For someone who … Continue reading

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FAT – a poem for #EDAW2014

They looked at her And they saw a fat girl. The kids taunted. The adults sighed. She should eat less, The kids whispered. She should exercise more, Said adults in muted tones. She heard every word. Lazy. Greedy. F A … Continue reading

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Anorexia – a poem for eating disorders awareness week 2014

It’ll kill you. They told me. I couldn’t care less. The thing that I knew, But I could not confess, Was that unless it killed me, Then I’d always know, That there’d been, Just a little bit, Further To Go. … Continue reading

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Everything and Nothing

She had everything, And nothing. Whatever she wanted, She bought. But some things Need more than money. Some would think it funny, Looking in, On her lavish world,

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Why Are Flamingoes Pink?

Look at those birds, Said Lyra to Ellie, They’re pink, Don’t you think that’s absurd? Yes answered Ellie, Why are they pink, Is it because of The pink milk that they drink? Yes answered Lyra, With a nod of the … Continue reading

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Words Unheard

Between the words That are spoken, Are the words That are meant, You have to Listen carefully, And then meaning Is lent, To turn of a head, Or the twitch of an eye, To the flicking of hair, Or an … Continue reading

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Last Week’s Flowers

Is there any sight more sad Than last week’s flowers? Faces turned downwards, Petals falling with the breeze Of someone rushing past, Their water slightly fetid.

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