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Calm Waters 

As she stepped into the foamy waters, Her worries began to wash away. The fast beating of her heart slowed, As did her racing head. She wrapped herself in a blanket of bubbles And locked the world away. A cocoon … Continue reading

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Eight Legs

They screamed and they ran As he ran Near their feet, He was scared too His eight-legged running, a feat. He ran to a corner, Along from the door, Whilst the big angry people Stamped feet On the floor. He … Continue reading

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Heart vs Head

He knew what he should say, What he should do. But did not want to Bow down to the few Who made the rules And told him what to say, He felt so sure There was another way. And so … Continue reading

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Morning [Haiku]

Fluid Amber skies Stretch endlessly, beckoning. A new beginning?

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Double Meaning

He wore away at her With twisted words, The words he said Were not the words she heard. The words he said Concealed a heavy blow That left her broken, Nowhere left to go. The words she heard Were vengeful, … Continue reading

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Talking Nonsense

Night fell With a crash And a bang And a wallop. It was hard To sleep With all that noise… She drew the curtains, (With an HB pencil) And saw that it was raining Cats and dogs… Woof! She nipped … Continue reading

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Hidden Meaning

There was something That I meant to say, But somehow Never found a way, To tell you What I wanted to, Because I feared What words could do. And so I kept them Deep inside, Where what is right And … Continue reading

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On the road [Haiku]

Endless tarmacced miles Are winding ahead of me. on the road again.

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Love Me

Don’t push away, But hold me close It’s where I long to be; Right by your side Though I might hide My wants away, you see; I want so much To feel your love, But love, it scares me so, … Continue reading

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Growing Up

You grow so fast, Lives hurtling past… I must make time, Make moments last. Before too long, This time is gone, Alone you’re fine, A solo song. But all alone, I’ll hug the phone, The silent line Will make me … Continue reading

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