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Today when we were digging On the sandy beach in Spain, We dug and dug and tunnelled Until we made it home again. We dug all the way to England, So we’d no need for a plane But when we … Continue reading

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The Anxiety Monster

You walk around Like nothing’s wrong, And no one knows What’s going on Inside that frightened Mind of yours, It’s like a series Of closed doors. Behind each door A monster hides, Tormenting you From the inside. Your poker face … Continue reading

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Another Day Without You

In my sleep it’s all alright again, I laugh, I run, I play, Then my 6am alarm sounds And I must face another day. Another day without you, With no saviour by my side, No companion to share anecdotes, You’re … Continue reading

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I am depression – from me you cannot run

The faster that you walk away, The faster I will chase, You ought to understand by now That just a change of pace Is not enough to shake me off, I’m living in your head, Chucking out your good emotions, … Continue reading

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Healing Hand

Each step was faltering. She did not know how she could continue; Alone. So alone. The loneliness a punch to the gut Each time she recalled it. She recalled it with each step. As she walked Her frame bowed and … Continue reading

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Better Weather

Cold autumn morning Left behind in London Town In Spain, the sun shines

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One More Sleep

One more sleep ‘Til holiday, Tomorrow we will fly. We’ll grab our bags (All twelve of them) And head into the sky. ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ Will, I’m sure, be your refrain, And the answer, darlings, will be no … Continue reading

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