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The Tall Girl’s Dress

This is the tale Of girl so tall That nothing would fit her, No, nothing at all. She went to the shops With her Dad and her Mum, But none of the dresses Reached down past her bum. She looked … Continue reading

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Toes on Show

It was a toes on show day, You know the kind, That makes all worries melt away. People were smiling As they were filing Through town. Fulfilling mundane jobs, Buying bits and bobs And food For the cat. But the … Continue reading

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The Questions on the edge of reality

Observing the busy port scene, Depicted in oils, bright On canvas, old, There was a part of the picture To which her eye Was constantly drawn; That part of the picture Where clumsy framing And over-zealous mounting Left stories Half-untold. … Continue reading

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Eight Legs

They screamed and they ran As he ran Near their feet, He was scared too His eight-legged running, a feat. He ran to a corner, Along from the door, Whilst the big angry people Stamped feet On the floor. He … Continue reading

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Talking Nonsense

Night fell With a crash And a bang And a wallop. It was hard To sleep With all that noise… She drew the curtains, (With an HB pencil) And saw that it was raining Cats and dogs… Woof! She nipped … Continue reading

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Ode to a Bluebottle

To the fly Who buzzes In my room All night To the fly On my face, In the dark, Who breeds fright, To the fly, Buzzing loud, Stopping me, Sleeping tight. BUZZ OFF!

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A little bit of sparkle Can go a long way When you’re having an altogether Unsparkly day. With some glitter, some laughter, A hug and a smile, You can feel slightly better, At least for a while.    (I’ve  rarely … Continue reading

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