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Thoughts on Trauma – a sonnet

Would I undo the things that you have done, And if I did would that mean I had won? I am not sure, though now I feel such pain, I can see brighter days beyond this strain. Those brighter days … Continue reading

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On Rape – a sonnet to myself

If I could travel back now, to that day Your childhood pure was ripped from ‘tween your thighs I’d take your hand, and this is what I’d say: “It’s not your fault; there is no reason why.” I’d hold you … Continue reading

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Forward Thinking Therapist…

You ask me to look forwards. It makes me dizzy. Forwards… three years? I can’t imagine making it to bed time some days. How would, could, should life be? What would I have for lunch? How would I feel? What … Continue reading

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