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Birthday Blessings

Thanks for all the gifts, And all the cards, And all the cheer. I’m far away but Your kind thoughts All made it over here. The words you wrote And sent to me, Have made me feel so blessed, And … Continue reading

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Dear Husband

Have you ever stopped to wonder, How different life would be, If you’d found yourself another And you hadn’t married me? Would you live inside a different house, With different dogs and cats? Would your children be quite different too? … Continue reading

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The thing we can’t have Holds such great allure We can’t have it But want it Intentions impure. We pretend we don’t want it Turn shyly away Gaze strictly averted Thoughts shaded in grey. The more we deny it The … Continue reading

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Learning not to try

We are born full of confidence, Willing to try, Not frightened by failure, We aim for the sky. If we fail something first time, We try, try again We’ll try nine times, Or ten times, And only stop when Someone … Continue reading

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Vicarious Pleasure

When you smile, I smile And life is good. I never used to know You could Catch happiness From those who mean The world to you But now I’ve seen That when your joy Is pure and true It’s my … Continue reading

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I can’t sleep You whisper softly. Why not? Comes my reply. I’m too excited Mummy, When I wake up we fly… We fly away on holiday Where we’ll dance and sing all day And swim and jump and run about … Continue reading

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Emotional Honesty

What if One day When you awoke Your heart was on your sleeve, Your thoughts and feelings Clear to all And no chance to deceive. No filtering No sugar coat No blatant downright lies, Just simple truths Some good Some … Continue reading

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Thank you Mum (a Shakespearian sonnet)

If I could have my time again, then I Would listen to your words with greater care. Back then I shrugged them off, and didn’t try To understand the meaning hidden there. You loved me more than I could ever … Continue reading

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Yes. She said, But she meant: NO! But didn’t know how To tell him so. Okay… She muttered. Feeling sure She didn’t want this Any more.

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The Same but Different

We’re the same, But different, You and I. You cannot laugh. I cannot cry. To you, the world is humourless, Dark and full of woe.

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