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Was the face he saw his? He no longer knew, The bits that he recognised Seemed very few, Between angry raised spots And through tufts of a beard There were glimpses of him, Though he felt and he feared He … Continue reading

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Before and After

Things changed the day Her mother left Her Dad was always sad. She tried to cheer her father up To make him feel less bad. But tears kept rolling, Tears on tears, Each fat drop added To her fears That … Continue reading

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Worry is Like a Big Brown Bear

Worry is like a big brown bear It’s big and it’s bad and it gives you a scare Perhaps you pretend that your worries aren’t there, But then you are scared, is it here? Is it there? You wait for … Continue reading

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Frozen out

She felt lonely, And alone, Even when the room was full. No one wanted to utter her name For fear of falling foul Of The Bully. The Bully had picked her, Singled her out As the victim. She was special … Continue reading

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Perhaps it was a sideways glance And not a full-faced stare, But the fact is that your prejudice Was very clearly there. It’s in the way you stepped aside, Too far, to let me pass, Even with the smallest step, … Continue reading

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Tired, Undesired, And slightly confused. She put on her coat, And her favourite shoes. This man didn’t want her, She didn’t know why. She did not want him either, But wanted to cry, Because feeling not wanted Though the feelings … Continue reading

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[written as part of a lesson for pupils moving into year 10] I don’t know quite what I expected, But well, this was not it at all. The girls all just want to be skinny, The boys, to be fit … Continue reading

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Pot of Dreams

There once was a boy, And the boy’s name was Scott, And he stored all his hopes And his dreams in one pot. He gathered them up And he put them all in. “My dreams are all here!” He declared … Continue reading

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Coming Out – Haiku

Said all in one breath, It sounded almost normal. But what would they say?

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Beauty Inside

She blow dried her hair, Put on lipstick and blush, Picked out killer heels And thought of her crush. What will he think When he sees me? She thought Will he admire The new clothes That I’ve bought? Or will … Continue reading

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