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The Too Tired Snail

The snail struggled under heavy load; Each worry he would carry, and they weighed. Mounting worries weighed him down, so he slowed; He worried he would not get far today. The added worry left him feeling grey, But he knew, … Continue reading

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Wedding Day Sonnet

They seemed a perfect pairing from the start, Two minds alike (both quirky, slightly strange..) It wasn’t long before he stole her heart, Or she stole his – regardless, soon life changed. No longer did they talk of ‘I’ but … Continue reading

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Everything is Okay Now

Time had passed, Yet they started Mid-sentence Like the cliché They felt as though They’d never been parted. They talked of times old And jobs and houses new (The brief pauses were few) The words fell from them Enveloping them … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Hear

I listened, But I didn’t hear The words you said to me. I thought I knew You through and through; But what I chose to see, Was somebody quite different, Somebody okay. Somebody who tried to help Ease loved ones’ … Continue reading

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Seed Sower

[For Nicky] You took each step with The surety and certainty Borne of a lifetime of good, Kindness, And doing things right. You stood steady, Strode strong, And did not falter when your path was long, Or plain wrong. Each … Continue reading

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Now You’re Dead

We listened, But did not hear The words between your words. Things were bad, We knew; You said, But now… Now, you’re dead… And though you needed help, You spoke of others’ plights instead. And now you’re dead. You said … Continue reading

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Fast [Haiku]

Even the best friends Cannot understand. They try; But won’t watch you die.

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