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Darkness Falls

Darkness fell upon them. Slithers of light Faded away As darkness crept in. Afraid, They huddled close Pretending to be unaffected. Happy smiles perfected But not felt. Why, They wondered, Are terrors amplified by darkness? How does a place Of … Continue reading

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You cannot find one word to say, About you that is good. Is it because you do not try? I really think you should. I don’t think that it’s modesty That keeps you from self-praise, I’m pretty sure it’s something … Continue reading

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Feelings of Anxiety

Just because you do not share My feelings of anxiety, Doesn’t mean those feelings Are not there, Should not be heard. Just because you do not care That I feel like I’m drowning, Doesn’t mean those feelings Are my fault … Continue reading

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Love is not heart shaped – Haiku

Love is not heart-shaped It is shaped like full sick bowls And vomity hugs

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I used to hope I would pupate And pass through adolescence To become a butterfly. But the world is full of butterflies Loved only for their grace and beauty. Far better to be the ugly caterpillar Loved for his quirks … Continue reading

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Looks Deceptive

How beautiful, She sighed as a feather, Tawny and white, Floated past her On the warm spring breeze. It felt like a symbol of peace And love. She did not notice The small bird fly past; Torn, tattered and shaken … Continue reading

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Sad Spider

Spiders don’t have feelings, Thought the girl who, with both hands, Reached out and destroyed a web, And broke its many strands. The spider will not care at all, In fact he will be glad. For now he can redecorate, … Continue reading

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Recovery Shines

I used to be scared When the short days grew longer; More hours to manage, More hours of pain. But now I rejoice In the long days of sunlight; More hours of happy, More time to shine.

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Wedding Ring #Haiku

A circle of gold Shares unbroken promises Always. Forever.

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Lack of Action

All the good intentions Mean most nothing when the way That you go about your life Almost each and every day, Is at odds with those intentions, Which are good, I won’t deny, But if words don’t turn to actions … Continue reading

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