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No Poem Today (a poem)

I didn’t write a poem today I couldn’t find the time. I meant to, I tried to, I almost did… But things got in the way.

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The Girl and The Mirror

I see you check the mirror, And you don’t like what you see. It’s clear you think you’re ugly. You don’t see things clearly. You touch a finger to your face, Smooth creases that aren’t there. Put concealer on imagined … Continue reading

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Panic Attack

Gripped with panic, Heart beats fast. Cannot manage, ‘Till it’s passed. Can’t control The urge to cry. Feel like I’m going to die. Breathing shallow, Pounding head. Skin is sallow, Feet of lead. Take control. Take control. Mustn’t let the … Continue reading

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Giving Blood, Giving Life

Giving blood’s a selfless act, You give your blood, Get nothing back. Except, of course, That’s quite untrue. Donating blood Does lots for you. It makes you feel Warm inside, And justly filled With righteous pride. You think of where … Continue reading

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An Unusual Day at the Zoo (a children’s story poem)

Lyra and Ellie went to the zoo To visit the tiger and bear, But you’ll never believe, Quite what they found, On that sunny day when they got there. The tiger was gone, The bear missing too, The giraffe and … Continue reading

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Running Pains

Pain is just a state of mind That we can overcome, I told myself this evening On my marathon-training run. It doesn’t hurt, You think it does, But if you just decide, It doesn’t hurt, The pain will vanish, Run … Continue reading

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Words can hurt

Words can be so powerful But we rarely stop to think About their repercussions As we take our turn to speak. We utter them unthinkingly, Thoughts tumble unabounded, A thoughtless word or two can mean A problem gets compounded.

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Tales told by hair

Brushing the knots From your child’s hair Gives you a tour Of the what-when-where Of the way they’ve spent The last few hours: Baking cakes, Or picking flours… The evidence Is always there Nestled in Your child’s hair.

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Why must you call it a minimo dear? It’s kind of embarrassing, The meaning unclear… There are so many possible names You could choose For your ‘lady parts’ But yet the name that you use, Is the frightfully strange, And … Continue reading

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Will we run out of things to say?

When I grow old, And you grow grey, I wonder what We’ll have to say? We’re ten years in, And still we find, Things to say To pass the time. Each time we talk, I learn from you, And your … Continue reading

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