I hold her tight

I hold her tight
This girl of mine,
For fear that she might fall;
For fear that with a looser grip
She’d not be here at all.
I kiss her boo boos,
Wipe her tears,
Shoulder worries,
Combat fears,
I hold her hand
And mop her brow,
I comfort, love
And show her how.
I hold her tight,
This girl of mine,
Until one day I see;
My grip has changed,
I don’t hold her,
My daughter now holds me.

[For Ellie, with love, as she turns seven and for all mothers and daughters everywhere on international woman’s day]

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The Too Tired Snail

The snail struggled under heavy load;
Each worry he would carry, and they weighed.
Mounting worries weighed him down, so he slowed;
He worried he would not get far today.

The added worry left him feeling grey,
But he knew, as snails do; life goes on.
So he mustered all his strength and he prayed,
And he slithered til his energies were gone.

When he woke, he was tired, bright sun shone;
And his friends, they had gathered by his side
They all thought that their grey-tired-friend was gone,
So they cheered as he opened up his eyes.

They shared his load between the many friends;
This is where his story starts, not ends.

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Ankles Grabbed

Ankles grabbed
I’m drowning
As I sink into the dirt

Ankles grabbed
I struggle
But the struggle makes it hurt

Ankles grabbed
I breathe my last
And settle in the mud

Ankles grabbed
I nestle
Wrapped in sinew, dirt and blood

Ankles grabbed
By my own hands
I wrestle my own grip

Until I grab
Too hard too long
And from this world I slip

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Autumn Leaves

By Lyra (6) please leave her some feedback if you have a moment. She worked hard on this. 

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Autumn evening

Evening falls swiftly
Light to dark in short moments.
Autumnal twilight

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Sleepy Snuggles

Just one more cuddle?
You plead, before you sleep;
There is *always* time

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Was the face he saw his?
He no longer knew,
The bits that he recognised
Seemed very few,
Between angry raised spots
And through tufts of a beard
There were glimpses of him,
Though he felt and he feared
He was no more the same person,
He’d changed as he aged
And his mind and his body
Weren’t on the same page
Could this face of a man
Be the face that belonged?
He thought of his childhood
And for those days longed.

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