Small acts of kindness

Small acts of kindness
Brighten the darkest days.
Smiles change everything.

[upon finishing my bathroom today, my builders presented it to me complete with flowers in a vase to match the tiles. As I’ve been suffering with a migraine for the last couple of days, the smile this brought was very welcome]

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Hot lazy motes 

Dust motes slowly drift,
Lazily falling downwards;
Made tired by the heat.

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The flower,
Once deadheaded,
Springs into bloom once more.
Are we so different
From our petalled counterparts?
Should we really hold dear
The parts of life that need deadheading?
Or would the courage
To rid ourselves of malice, ill and misfortune,
Allow us to flourish,
And to bloom once more?

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Sun Shine and Tears

Why is it
When the sun shines,
That my mood sinks;
I feel sad?
The brightest,
Sunny days,
All leave me
Feeling sad.
Is it the weight of expectation
That these summer days all bring
That make me feel
I should feel light
And dance around
And sing?
Or maybe it’s their brightness
Which in contrast to the dark
Of my mind, my mood,my emptiness
Is dazzling and stark.
Or maybe it’s because these days
Are ones when we should play
The happiest of families
And smile throughout the day.
I’m not sure
Of the reasons,
But I almost
That I tend to feel the saddest
On the days that
The sun shines.

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Oh to be a cat

Basking in sunshine,
Content, purring, warm and fed.
Oh to be a cat.

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In Praise of Unsung Heroes

In praise of unsung heroes
Who make ripples where they walk,
And soothe injuries
And tend to souls
With sympathy and talk.

They come in many guises,
We walk by them every day
And they make the world
A better place
In very many ways.

And we almost fail to notice
All the things
These heroes do
But they change the lives
Of boys and girls
So to them, a BIG thank you!

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Observation of a Friend

She observed her friend,
So hurt by one she once loved.
The physical wounds healing,
The emotional wounds ragged and raw.

Each day, the friend applied make up
And a smile,
And she faced the world.
She would not let them know
What had gone on.

Those closed doors had been closed too long.
The smile worn both for strangers,
And for friends.

She shivered,
Considering what this once strong friend
Had faced,
And realised;
Though battered, broken and single once more,
Her once strong friend,
Was stronger still,
For having fought,
So hard,
And won.

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