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Life’s Mural

My life is a mural, With stories to tell, Some bits of my mural Are painted less well. Some bits are shabby And some bits are bright, Some bits are darker. Some parts flood with light. The story my mural … Continue reading

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How rarely we stop And appreciate Now, In all its glory. We capture it on film, Or in words; Rehearsing memories Not yet made. Inventing memories, To be played To others As we celebrate The perfect life we have. But … Continue reading

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Life Advice from My Cat

Whilst I run around, Full of stress, in such haste, My faithful old cat Watches on with distaste. Quite what the rush is, She cannot discern, And quite why the anguish, She has yet to learn. As I run to … Continue reading

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Love Comes Creeping

Where is the line Between liking and loving, When do you cross it And how does it feel? Do you see something change When you love him Not like him, Does everything round you Seem suddenly real? Does the world … Continue reading

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Life’s Ladder

The more we climb, The further we’ll fall, Maybe we shouldn’t Climb at all? From way up high, The ground looks far, But up here’s Where our life’s dreams are. So maybe it’s worth, The risk we run, If we … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Failure

There was a time When I was paralysed With fear. Fear of failure. What would people think, I thought, If I tried, But did not succeed? It seemed almost better Not to try at all. If you do not try, … Continue reading

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Strong arms looped Around a weary body, Holding it up And hugging the hard day out, Is one of the little things That make life okay. As those arms hold me tight, I know that just everything Will be alright. … Continue reading

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Life is…

Life is A series of moments, Those moments A long line of gifts, Those gifts are there For the unwrapping; Some treasures, Some tragic, All gifts? This poem was in response to the prompt ‘write a poem which explores of … Continue reading

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When did Tomorrow become Today?

When did this tomorrow, Of which I never cared to think too much, Become today? When did the future, Incomprehensible in size and shape, Come out to play? When did what lay ahead, A meaningless speck on life’s horizon, Enter … Continue reading

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Last Week’s Flowers

Is there any sight more sad Than last week’s flowers? Faces turned downwards, Petals falling with the breeze Of someone rushing past, Their water slightly fetid.

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