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Autumn evening

Evening falls swiftly Light to dark in short moments. Autumnal twilight

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Sleepy Snuggles

Just one more cuddle? You plead, before you sleep; There is *always* time

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Was the face he saw his? He no longer knew, The bits that he recognised Seemed very few, Between angry raised spots And through tufts of a beard There were glimpses of him, Though he felt and he feared He … Continue reading

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To Stop or To Go On

To stop Or to go on? A question I often Ask. I Find myself At crossroads often. Standing, staring Into the road Beyond me Unsure.. It’s hard. What’s ahead Is uncertain Dark But What’s past Has streetlamps Sputtering, failing; Also … Continue reading

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Rest Well Mindy x 

Another baby Gone too soon; you were so loved And always will be. [less than a week after losing Bella, our darling 12-year-old Mindy passed away today]

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Wedding Day Sonnet

They seemed a perfect pairing from the start, Two minds alike (both quirky, slightly strange..) It wasn’t long before he stole her heart, Or she stole his – regardless, soon life changed. No longer did they talk of ‘I’ but … Continue reading

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Dinner Time

Just eating is enough. I tell myself. Maybe it’s the same meal thrice daily, But that’s HUGE! I tell myself. I’ve gone from nothing, Shrinking, Dying. To eating, eating, eating. The same food, With a beta blocker chaser. Finally, it … Continue reading

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