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Autumn evening

Evening falls swiftly Light to dark in short moments. Autumnal twilight

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Sleepy Snuggles

Just one more cuddle? You plead, before you sleep; There is *always* time

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Was the face he saw his? He no longer knew, The bits that he recognised Seemed very few, Between angry raised spots And through tufts of a beard There were glimpses of him, Though he felt and he feared He … Continue reading

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To Stop or To Go On

To stop Or to go on? A question I often Ask. I Find myself At crossroads often. Standing, staring Into the road Beyond me Unsure.. It’s hard. What’s ahead Is uncertain Dark But What’s past Has streetlamps Sputtering, failing; Also … Continue reading

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Rest Well Mindy x 

Another baby Gone too soon; you were so loved And always will be. [less than a week after losing Bella, our darling 12-year-old Mindy passed away today]

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Wedding Day Sonnet

They seemed a perfect pairing from the start, Two minds alike (both quirky, slightly strange..) It wasn’t long before he stole her heart, Or she stole his – regardless, soon life changed. No longer did they talk of ‘I’ but … Continue reading

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Dinner Time

Just eating is enough. I tell myself. Maybe it’s the same meal thrice daily, But that’s HUGE! I tell myself. I’ve gone from nothing, Shrinking, Dying. To eating, eating, eating. The same food, With a beta blocker chaser. Finally, it … Continue reading

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Every inch of you seems tense. Breath caught in your chest. Hands clenched, Toes most likely curled Within your patent shoes. Your eyes search his face wildly, Flicking side to side Looking for a sign… As he walks towards you … Continue reading

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The Shoes of Others

Each step was painful In an unforgiving world; One in which he felt unable to be his true self, Preferring to inhabit an alien body And mind More to the liking of the world at large. But wearing someone else’s … Continue reading

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Bye bye Bella

You burnt so bright But far too briefly, Bella. Brave. Beloved. Gone.

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