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I’m Fine… 

You don’t believe me When I say I’m fine, Everyone else does, Most of the time. But you, You are different, You see what I hide, And you wait for the moment To take me aside, And tell me I’m … Continue reading

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Your Burden

The burden you carry Is too much for one. Especially one such as you One who cares too much, For whom things must be just so, One who does not know when to say no, Or when to let it … Continue reading

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I never knew the meaning Of unconditional love Before you. Love with no boundaries No rhyme No reason. Love so big It terrifies me. Why do you love me? You ask As you fold yourself into my arms. I have … Continue reading

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Long Drive – Haiku

Driving endlessly, Mesmerised by bright tail lights. Are we nearly there?

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Words best left unspoken?

The thing is That you ask me questions I’m too scared to ask myself. You make me revisit times That lay hidden, With good reason. You take the bits that hurt And you prod them, And poke them, Until the … Continue reading

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If all your prayers were answered, And all your dreams came true, What would you do with the rest of your life, You’d have nothing left to do. Whilst we don’t like to struggle And we do not like to … Continue reading

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Fly Away

If I had wings I’d fly away And leave the world behind. I’d fly so fast The thoughts I have Would empty from my mind. I’d loop and turn And dive and spin And twist in circles high, And feel … Continue reading

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Winging It

You don’t know what to do, You don’t know how to be, You don’t know what to say, So you’ll never be free Of the feeling you’re getting it wrong All the time, But the truth is You’re probably doing … Continue reading

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Simple Things

In the end It was the simple things that saved her. It was a child’s hand in hers, The crunch of autumn leaves, A small dog nestling in her lap That made her want to be. And when she wasn’t … Continue reading

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Aching to Be Mum

There was pleasure, But also pain as well, In watching her sister’s Belly swell. The new life promised Fun and joy; A long awaited little boy. A boy to bring their smiles back, To lift their moods from cold and … Continue reading

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