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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I ache for you When you’re not there, Your absence fuels A deep despair, I feel so lonely, Incomplete Without you sharing Each day’s beat. Without your kind And listening ear I don’t like life When you’re not near. But … Continue reading

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Clay Feet (a poem about recovery)

The worst step is always the next one, The path that I’ve never yet walked; The first step was almost impossible The day that I finally talked. The day that I said I was drowning That everything wasn’t okay, I … Continue reading

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Be Careful Who You Care For

Don’t care about me because I bleed, Because my face tells tales of need. Don’t care about me because I’m thin, With little fat beneath my skin. Don’t care because my tears flow Because all my emotions show And do … Continue reading

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Stride Forth

Her future unfurled In the palm of her hands, She could choose to stride forth Or to stop and to stand. If she chose to go on She had choices to make, But to choose to stop still Felt a … Continue reading

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Tide Turning

Sea, lapping, crashing. Memories fade, washed away. Tide turns… A fresh start.

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The pit pat of his tiny paws On squelchy earth Reassured her. As she walked, Her faithful companion Stuck by her side, Her grounding guide.

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Staying Safe 

With sadness she resigned herself To how things had to be, They couldn’t be another way, She couldn’t be let free. They couldn’t trust her with herself, She hurt too much inside And when that hurt played out in acts … Continue reading

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A Good Friend

The best friend is an honest one, A friend who has the courage to say No. Who tells you what you need to hear, Not what you want to hear. Less good friends rub along On smiles and promises; By … Continue reading

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Head Fight

The fight is only in my imagination But it feels more real Than reality. More real than acrid words And roughened hands And spit And bile And hatred. It feels more real Than any fight I’ve ever had, For I … Continue reading

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Do Not Fall

Do not fall; Hold on. Find a foot hold, A hand, A voice Or a memory That keeps you in the now. Smell it, Feel it, Hear it, Taste it, Do not fall; Hold on.

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