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Un-Special Moments

I try to make the time stand still, It cannot help but pass, I want to keep this moment, Is that much too much to ask? This moment is a precious one, But not for why you think, This moment’s … Continue reading

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You shocked me with your words today, I felt there was nothing I could say That lived up to The path you paved, With words so powerful, they’re engraved Upon my heart And in my mind, I admire the courage … Continue reading

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Poem a Day

I almost didn’t write today, I almost clean forgot About this funny little habit, Where I talk in rhyme and jot My deepest thoughts and wonderings Right here for you to see, Though I should confess It’s not for you, … Continue reading

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Times Past

He longed for times the worst hurts Were so quickly kissed away By the Mum he once knew loved him And who cared for him each day. He longed for times he trusted, Times he saw less harm than good, … Continue reading

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Speak Up

They walked in silence. She urged him to speak, He almost spoke, So many times, But never did. Say something, Anything, She silently urged. Sentences were spoken In his head, Never good enough To speak aloud. I need to know … Continue reading

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Understanding Self-Harm

They didn’t understand it So they listened. They didn’t understand it When they heard some more, They still didn’t understand it So they questioned… What is it that you’re doing this for? They listened very hard But didn’t get it, … Continue reading

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Misplaced Faith?

Your God has much to answer for, Surely you can see The harm you’re doing others, And the harm you’re doing me? Your faith is firm, unwavering, A faith in one above, But darling you have no faith left For … Continue reading

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Secret Story – a poem about self-harm

Each scar told a story, A story untold, A story that took Quite a time to unfold. And a story that took Pulsing pain to relieve. A story, if told, That would not be believed. The tale of a young … Continue reading

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Morning Mourning

Exhaustion engulfed her And rocked her to sleep, She welcomed it, knowing The black fog would keep Her mind from recalling The things that she’d seen, The things she had heard And the places she’d been. She’d relive those moments … Continue reading

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I am the person, Hungry and homeless, Who sits on the corner As you pass me by. I am the person, Cold and disheveled, In yesterday’s clothes And you won’t catch my eye. I am the person, You don’t give … Continue reading

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