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To 2015, with thanks 

Twenty Fifteen, You were hard on me; You taught me how to cry. You tore my head to pieces, And I wished that I would die. I starved myself, And cut myself Anxiety ruled my days; But you’ve been a … Continue reading

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Wild Wind

The wind howled Animating trees Shaking windows in their frames Whipping up litter And stealing hats with rough fingers. It gripped and ripped More tender plants; The tough ones braced themselves Boughs battle ready, Leaves streaming. With each gust came … Continue reading

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Give Unexpected Thanks [Kindness Prompt 2]

Today’s suggested act of kindness is to say thank you to someone who might not expect it.  This was inspired by my children writing their Christmas thank you notes, and the joy these always seem to bring for the recipient… … Continue reading

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Lost In familiar places, Became the story of his life. Lonely Amongst familiar faces, He didn’t even know his wife. Confused And sad And hurt And aching, He continued Unsure of ways to ease his pain. And so, Confused And … Continue reading

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The Weight he Carried

It was a small weight to carry. It fitted in the palm of his hand, Could be popped into a pocket And almost forgotten about. Almost. As he walked around each day, His fingers were drawn to it, Small and … Continue reading

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Share a Photograph [Kindness Prompt #1]

I really enjoy performing acts of kindness big and small and it’s something that many people within my social network seem to seek great pleasure in also.  I thought I’d have a go at sharing ideas for acts of kindness, … Continue reading

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Junk Drawer

She felt like a junk drawer, There’s one in every house Filled with dried out superglue, Door handles, Misshapen forks, Clothes pegs And small pieces of dowel That look too important to discard. Like a junk drawer, Her head was … Continue reading

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Magic Door

There’s a doorway in my bedroom But it’s one that you can’t see, It’s a door that is invisible To everyone but me. But I can see a big door That is wooden and its blue, With a shiny golden … Continue reading

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Worry Stealer

You helped me find my breath today, When magic filled your eyes. You stole my worries clean away, And helped me realise That even in the toughest times, When I feel lost and scared; That I can manage anything, So … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Anticipation, It’s bedtime on Christmas Eve. Santa’s on his way!   

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