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Every inch of you seems tense. Breath caught in your chest. Hands clenched, Toes most likely curled Within your patent shoes. Your eyes search his face wildly, Flicking side to side Looking for a sign… As he walks towards you … Continue reading

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Grey Rainbow

He felt the eyes of others settle on his cheeks, Red. Tears filled and threatened to escape his eyes, Blue. He felt guilty, he felt sick, ashamed, Green, Because of things he’d said, because of things he’d seen, Black. He … Continue reading

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The Chase

The faster you run The faster I hide From the demon You you give rise to Clawing inside Of my guts Of my belly My mind And my head It’s monstrous Preposterous Why can’t you instead Just run slowly Less … Continue reading

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I never knew what hate was But you taught me very well, By pretending to the world you cared Whilst in private, life was hell. The thing that is most cruel of all? That you won’t let me go.. We’ve … Continue reading

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Observation of a Friend

She observed her friend, Smiling, Broken, So hurt by one she once loved. The physical wounds healing, The emotional wounds ragged and raw. Each day, the friend applied make up And a smile, And she faced the world. She would … Continue reading

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Double Meaning

He wore away at her With twisted words, The words he said Were not the words she heard. The words he said Concealed a heavy blow That left her broken, Nowhere left to go. The words she heard Were vengeful, … Continue reading

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It was easy to love you, It’s hard to let go. You’re not good for me, That much I know, How I know. But in your warm embrace, I feel happy And calm Though those watching us Look on In … Continue reading

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