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As I look at the hill of the year behind, Then look at the hill up ahead, I find myself asking Why keep climbing hills? Let’s lie fallow for one year instead. The hills are so steep, And the paths … Continue reading

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Welcome – a poem to celebrate a birth

[A poem to celebrate the birth of a baby or a christening. This was written for my friend’s son, Marlowe] We wrote you a poem, To welcome you here, The time you would join us Felt achingly near For weeks… … Continue reading

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Super Hero Night-Shift

The rain beats down, And the wild wind blows, But tucked in their beds, The children both know That though it’s cold, And wet and dark, And monsters lurk In the nearby park, That they are safe From harm in … Continue reading

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Nursing Home Tea Time [Haiku]

Marching slowly on, Getting older every hour; Lamenting what was.

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Each Other’s Safe-Keeper

I looked up You were there, You were sleeping; But you watched Despite sleep, You still cared. I looked down, At this girl You keep keeping, In mind Because she Makes you scared. I looked up And your eyes, They … Continue reading

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Night Draws In [Haiku]

Nightfall comes quickly Stealing in with winter stealth. Crisp, dark, shining nights.

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Faithful Furry Friend

Always by my side My ever faithful Mindy; Helping me to heal. [Knocked for six by a fever of 104F (40C) Mindy is proving a great sick nurse]   

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Fever [Haiku]

Temperature rising, Too sick to speak or swallow. Sleep is beckoning

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Weekend [haiku]

The weekend arrived In a blur of missed deadlines That mattered no more.

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She wanted her grief To take The shape of a thing. To be a thing she could mould, A thing she could pound, A thing that would grow old, That could be unwound. She wanted to name it. And draw … Continue reading

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