Glorious Glitter

Glitter is powered by magic,
It’s the only way I can explain,
How you use glitter once,
And you tidy it up,
But it appears again and again.

Even the tiniest dusting of glitter,
Will reach all the crannies and nooks,
Reappearing weeks after
You used it,
To remind you how pretty it looks
When lining your favourite handbag,
Or sprinkled on carpets and throws.
You can hoover or dust,
With the greatest of care,
But the glitter just never quite goes.

One day I’ll be grateful of glitter,
When my children have both flown the nest,
I will look at the
Glorious glitter
And remember the times I loved best.
Glorious Glitter - a poem by Pooky

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24 Responses to Glorious Glitter

  1. It’s so true. I can even find it in the cats’ paws. Yes, the glitter of the past can sustain you.


  2. Good one Pooky, it’s amazing just where it turns up, months after you think its all gone.


  3. words4jp says:

    This is a truth I have never really considered. 😉


  4. dflorack says:

    I LOVE glitter! You don’t get that with two boys in the house. We always had train tracks, cars and dirt.


  5. charlypriest says:

    That´s very true, but for me is annoying, I don´t use glitter I´m a mean macho man, but it sort of like the sand in the beach, days after you leave the beach you´ll still find sand in the backpack, it gets annoying!
    But you wrote it very nicely.


  6. Haha! I remember it well! Good luck! It never leaves, even after they have flown the nest!

    Lovely poem xx


  7. wbdeejay says:

    So true. Forever finding it around the house and wondering who was last over with something glittery?! Amidst the frustration of cleaning, glitter is always special.


  8. Mayfair Mum says:

    Ha ha! This is lovely – especially the last verse. It’s true they grow out of these “problems” far too quickly don’t they?


  9. bloodnshadow says:

    Very beautiful! And the same thing I’ve noticed about glitter; it is eternal!!!! It always appear somewhere… Thank you for the beautiful poem!


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