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Autumn Leaves

By Lyra (6) please leave her some feedback if you have a moment. She worked hard on this.  Advertisements

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Peace Tree

The tree, majestic looming large Was home to many creatures. And home from home to souls quite lost Who found its boughs sound teachers. The comfort that its branches shared Surprised all those who sought it, The love that oozed … Continue reading

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Dazzling [Haiku]

Hiding feels safer Than stepping into the light. The light is dazzling

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Home Sweet Home [Haiku]

Greeted with cuddles, Folded into loving arms. It’s good to be home.

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Look Away

You catch my eye And look away, I think you’ve had a tortured day. A day of bullies, beating down, Crumpling smiles Instilling frowns. You fear them Yet revere them; On that your bones depend, Your fear for self, Warps … Continue reading

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The last words you heard were I love you. There were no words that we left unsaid. I was sad you were finally leaving, Last gasps from a hospital bed. Despite the unlikely surroundings, So clinical, stark and so bare, … Continue reading

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Dark Nights

Night skies Stretch endlessly, A road map for Dark Unquiet Minds That wander, Aimless, Putrid; Poisoning Once happy thoughts Of daytime.

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