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Crescent Smile

[in memory of Grandpa, one year on] The crescent moon smiles down at me, Although my day was sad, A year since my Grandpa passed, A year less good than bad. I hide away in bed afraid Seek refuge in … Continue reading

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Sleepy Snuggles

Just one more cuddle? You plead, before you sleep; There is *always* time

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To Stop or To Go On

To stop Or to go on? A question I often Ask. I Find myself At crossroads often. Standing, staring Into the road Beyond me Unsure.. It’s hard. What’s ahead Is uncertain Dark But What’s past Has streetlamps Sputtering, failing; Also … Continue reading

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The Shoes of Others

Each step was painful In an unforgiving world; One in which he felt unable to be his true self, Preferring to inhabit an alien body And mind More to the liking of the world at large. But wearing someone else’s … Continue reading

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Kitten Cuddles

This day was not one Made for living. This day was not Very forgiving. It was one where her head Kept her confined to bed; The aching And gnawing, There was no ignoring She cuddled her kitten instead. This kitten … Continue reading

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The Philosopher [sonnet]

His life felt like an itch he could not scratch, Each day he tried, of his life, to make sense, The puzzle pieces, jumbled, would not match; He sat on pause, when would good times commence? With time though, he … Continue reading

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Coming Home [Haiku]

It is worth leaving For the joy of returning. Exhausted, happy…

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Ash gathered in the grill; A pile of broken dreams And memories lost. Starved of oxygen The flames withered and died, Tortured memories grew cold And she, Spared her past, Went on to grow happy and old.

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Bed Time [Haiku]

Then it was bed time. Her dreams were big, flamboyant Though her frame was small.

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Toes on Show

It was a toes on show day, You know the kind, That makes all worries melt away. People were smiling As they were filing Through town. Fulfilling mundane jobs, Buying bits and bobs And food For the cat. But the … Continue reading

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