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Run to Live to Run

She ran because to stand still was to die. He didn’t understand why this was so; But he was not the one whose head said go. She couldn’t stop her run to question why. But could she answer, even if … Continue reading

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To Stop or To Go On

To stop Or to go on? A question I often Ask. I Find myself At crossroads often. Standing, staring Into the road Beyond me Unsure.. It’s hard. What’s ahead Is uncertain Dark But What’s past Has streetlamps Sputtering, failing; Also … Continue reading

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Kitten Cuddles

This day was not one Made for living. This day was not Very forgiving. It was one where her head Kept her confined to bed; The aching And gnawing, There was no ignoring She cuddled her kitten instead. This kitten … Continue reading

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Sun Shine and Tears

Why is it When the sun shines, That my mood sinks; I feel sad? The brightest, Nicest, Sunny days, All leave me Feeling sad. Is it the weight of expectation That these summer days all bring That make me feel … Continue reading

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I’m cold in winter, And I’m cold in summer too. So cold that fingernails unpainted Are routinely tinged A ghostly blue. I sit and shuffle, Bones uncushioned, Causing pain. I drop my pen, Spill my black coffee, Once again. You … Continue reading

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Fresh Eyes

Sometimes, The prejudice of others Lives only in my head. I prepare for battles Never to be fought, I get ready to spar With those whose thoughts Do not align with how And who I am. I fight internally, Eternally … Continue reading

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I forget, Can’t reset, Have made enemies Of friends not yet met. But it’s hard When you’re scarred, Copybook tarred By a label; A label that means People think That they know How this will go Even though They’ve not … Continue reading

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