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Layers of Lies

You lied. And then you made it worse By lying About the lying. As if deceit Weren’t bad enough, When only one layer deep. And yet, You sit there smiling, Do you think I fell for it again? I haven’t, … Continue reading

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With Love to a Dear Friend

You’re far away and hurting And I don’t know what to say, Is there anything that I can do To ease your pain away? I know it was expected And he’d lived a long full life, But it doesn’t make … Continue reading

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Rewriting Nightmares

Change my dreams Mama, Comes a sleepy voice. A lion is chasing me, And I can’t get away, And I’m scared. Hush little bear, Mama’s here now. Close your eyes. I see the lion, He’s not chasing you, He wants … Continue reading

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The Lying Smile

She smiled. And in that smile I could trace a thousand tears. Promises broken, Life unlived, A cacophony of dashed hopes and fears. She masked it well, But those who knew Found it easy to see through. But her pain … Continue reading

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Shaping Futures

Each one of us is pure to start; Pure of head and pure of heart. A ball of clay yet to be moulded, By a life not yet unfolded. Take that clay and shape it well And soon the signs … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming

Winter is coming, The days are getting shorter. Crack out the woollies.

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Virtual Kisses

Dear darlings Thank you for the smiles, That you sent Across the miles, With your waves And kisses blown; Into my journey Love has flown. And as I travel Back to you, I’m filled with love And joy right through.

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Impatient by Nature

They say that to wait Is a pleasure itself, But I must disagree, It’s not good for my health. I’m impatient by nature, I want things done now, I’m more bothered by when, And less bothered by how. So when … Continue reading

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I have a little plant That’s growing on my window sill, It started as a seed And didn’t look that much until I put it in a plant pot, And I covered it in earth, And I gave it lots … Continue reading

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The One Where Ellie Declares She Wants a Willy During Sunday Tea

I wish I was Dad, Said my four year old girl, As she chewed on her veg And she played with her curls. Why do you want to be Dad? I replied. Girls can do everything boys can, I lied. … Continue reading

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