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Night Terrors

Tea, cuddles and poetry. The antidote to night terrors I hope…

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Day by Day

Sometimes it is safer To begin days at the end To determine where they’re leading, Are they foe? Or are they friend? If we know where they’re headed, And if we know they’ll end well, It is easier to manage … Continue reading

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The Chase

The faster you run The faster I hide From the demon You you give rise to Clawing inside Of my guts Of my belly My mind And my head It’s monstrous Preposterous Why can’t you instead Just run slowly Less … Continue reading

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Some Days are just Hard

To make it through The darkest days, Is harder than it seems. One foot, another, up and dressed Sounds like the stuff of dreams. When menacing thoughts in your mind Drag you back into bed, To languish with your aches … Continue reading

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Waves of Anxiety

Anxious: My normal A new world, unfree; There were times When I knew How else Living could Be. Not now, I am anxious In the morning And night. Not now, I am constantly not quite Alright. In waves, it attacks … Continue reading

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Calm Waters 

As she stepped into the foamy waters, Her worries began to wash away. The fast beating of her heart slowed, As did her racing head. She wrapped herself in a blanket of bubbles And locked the world away. A cocoon … Continue reading

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Heart vs Head

He knew what he should say, What he should do. But did not want to Bow down to the few Who made the rules And told him what to say, He felt so sure There was another way. And so … Continue reading

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