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Delicate petals Catching light amongst darkness. Grey skies overhead.

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Autumn evening

Evening falls swiftly Light to dark in short moments. Autumnal twilight

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Sleepy Snuggles

Just one more cuddle? You plead, before you sleep; There is *always* time

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Rest Well Mindy x 

Another baby Gone too soon; you were so loved And always will be. [less than a week after losing Bella, our darling 12-year-old Mindy passed away today]

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Bye bye Bella

You burnt so bright But far too briefly, Bella. Brave. Beloved. Gone.

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Coming Home [Haiku]

It is worth leaving For the joy of returning. Exhausted, happy…

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Bed Time [Haiku]

Then it was bed time. Her dreams were big, flamboyant Though her frame was small.

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Changing Seasons

Greens tinged with yellow The autumnal rust sets in. Beautiful decay.

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Small acts of kindness

Small acts of kindness Brighten the darkest days. Smiles change everything. [upon finishing my bathroom today, my builders presented it to me complete with flowers in a vase to match the tiles. As I’ve been suffering with a migraine for … Continue reading

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Hot lazy motes 

Dust motes slowly drift, Lazily falling downwards; Made tired by the heat.

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