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A Fond Farewell

I wave farewell, With sinking heart. We spend far too much time apart. Our time together goes too fast, Though in my mind, the memories last. When we’re apart I think of you, And all the funny things you do. … Continue reading

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The Ant and the Magic Penny

An ant took a trip To the kitchen one day, And he put a magic penny In his pocket on the way. The penny weighed him down, But he really didn’t mind Because the penny was magic And it made … Continue reading

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But You Died

The day you died, I cried and cried. It’s been years now; Still, I cry inside. In you, I wish I could confide, About this grief I fail to hide. But You died.

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The Joy of Childhood

You run, jump and laugh And when the fun has been had, Sleep takes you swiftly.

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The Hand of Friendship

A life that’s full and happy Is a gift that you should share, Is there someone in your life Who needs to know you care? Would the hand of friendship Make their life feel more complete? Or would a little … Continue reading

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Everything Changed

Everything changed when we learnt of you, When we found out we’d be three, not two. Everything changed as my belly grew, As we quickly fell in love with you. Everything changed the moment you arrived, Blinking, wrinkled, very much … Continue reading

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Matter over Mind

Mind over matter Is easy to say, But what if your mind Doesn’t feel the same way? What if your mind Is all crooked and bent, And knocked out of shape, And exhausted and spent. What if your mind conspires … Continue reading

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