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The Day [Sonnet]

Translucent tears told tales opaque and old, Of lives half-lived, half hidden – always scared. The scars of stories, harsh and aged and cold Ran deep beneath the skin of souls, lives shared. To run was something each one could … Continue reading

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The Shoes of Others

Each step was painful In an unforgiving world; One in which he felt unable to be his true self, Preferring to inhabit an alien body And mind More to the liking of the world at large. But wearing someone else’s … Continue reading

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The Philosopher [sonnet]

His life felt like an itch he could not scratch, Each day he tried, of his life, to make sense, The puzzle pieces, jumbled, would not match; He sat on pause, when would good times commence? With time though, he … Continue reading

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The flower, Once deadheaded, Springs into bloom once more. Are we so different From our petalled counterparts? Should we really hold dear The parts of life that need deadheading? Or would the courage To rid ourselves of malice, ill and … Continue reading

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Sun Shine and Tears

Why is it When the sun shines, That my mood sinks; I feel sad? The brightest, Nicest, Sunny days, All leave me Feeling sad. Is it the weight of expectation That these summer days all bring That make me feel … Continue reading

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Retelling [sonnet]

If you could write one chapter of a life, And write it well and change the way things passed, Would you attempt to quell a lifelong strife, Or do small goods and watch their impact last? Is it better to … Continue reading

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In you, I see the me that was, The me That could have been. But the me in you, She lost her way, Her promise, never seen. But looking back, I see some hope, Of how things still could be. … Continue reading

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