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Reach for the Stars – a children’s poem

It was early in May, And the moon shone bright, As Ellie looked out At the starlit night. The stars looked so pretty, Hung up in the sky, Ellie wished she could hold them, She decided to try.

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I did it!

I did it, I did it! There is no more to say. Well that’s a lie, But maybe it will wait another day? For now it’s time to drink and rest, And succumb to relief, That somehow I’ve completed What … Continue reading

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Nothing Changes

Nothing has changed, Except everything has. A familiar song comes on the radio. It transports me back. A decade. More. Suddenly I’m alone. I’m scared. I can’t eat. And I hate myself. Words swim before me, On my computer screen.

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Memories are dishonest things, Over time they grow warts or wings. They can cause grief, or fights or fuss, Sometimes those white lies comfort us.   That mountain that we tried to climb, And found all too adventurous, We climbed … Continue reading

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A challenge is only a challenge, If you feel a little bit scared. If your heart’s racing, Feet rapidly pacing, And you feel utterly under-prepared.   Then you are faced with a challenge, And the most incredible choice… Should you … Continue reading

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