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The Crying Game – a poem about parenting

Each fat tear broke her, And brought on her own, Though she knew These were purposeful, Brought on for show. These tears that were willed there, Did their job too well, As she felt her poor anguished Maternal heart swell. … Continue reading

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Secret Self-Harmer

He kept it a secret, He buried it deep, It was a secret he determined, He must always keep. He was self-harming daily, With blades And with flames, But nobody knew, He just couldn’t explain. He couldn’t explain And he … Continue reading

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Poisoned Love

His love was a delicious poison to her, Stroking her ego, Sucking her in, Before suffocating her, Slowly, Painfully, With words and actions Designed to undermine, To control, And confuse. He teased her, Taking her to the brink of destruction … Continue reading

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One Foot in Front of the Other

Some days, All we can do Is put One foot In front Of the other. Some days, We cannot Aim so high.

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Running Away

Again you are leaving, You’re running away, Away from the problems That plague you by day. The problems that worry you Through the dark nights Will follow you, Leaching good times From your sights. You run and you run, But … Continue reading

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Dear Daughter

You think I don’t listen, I hear every word, Every sigh, Every whisper, Your words aren’t unheard. You think I’m not listening, You think I’m not there, You think that you’re someone Unworthy of care. But I love you, I … Continue reading

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Break Up

Frost creeps up on their relationship. Only the astute can see; The forced holding of hands, And laughs not meant. A frosty undercurrent, Colder thoughts each day. The pretence can only last so long, The cracks run too deep. Eventually … Continue reading

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Nine Lives – a children’s poem

If I was like a cat And I had nine lives, I’d be less careful Using knives, I’d cross the road With far less care, I’d dance in the snow In my underwear. I’d eat no greens, I’d drink no … Continue reading

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Life’s Mural

My life is a mural, With stories to tell, Some bits of my mural Are painted less well. Some bits are shabby And some bits are bright, Some bits are darker. Some parts flood with light. The story my mural … Continue reading

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Panic Passes

A sea of panic engulfs me. I’m drowning In black and white. Gasping for air That’s acrid And cloying. And then comes your voice. It weaves its way Through the treacle of panic. Dividing dark curtains, Wafting poison dust away. … Continue reading

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