The sounds of the lives of others

Drifted uneasily

Into her not quite quiet room.

Resting and restless

She heard of births, marriages and a lobster,

Not quite cooked.

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5 Responses to Overheard

  1. artterry says:

    My thoughts would math this, you’d hear of ants and bleach and painting at night!. Overheard snippets are surreal sometimes.


  2. Lulu says:

    Good to see you back ❤️


  3. artterry says:

    I liked the line, ‘not quite quiet room’ as soon as I read this first time. Now I really like it. How often are we in not quite quiet situations where life doesn’t quite make it, or just quite doesn’t live up to expectations or hopes. What I initially thought of as a humorous poem has taken on a sadness that reflects life and its idiosyncrasies. There are so many times when life and hopes and dreams are not quite cooked and a little humour is needed. A lovely, meaningful poem Pooky.

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    • PookyH says:

      That line was the line that wrote the poem. I often have one line that comes to me and the rest falls into step around it. Made me smile that you picked that line too x

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      • artterry says:

        A lot of your poems remind me in style, use of words and even physical structure of works by Roger McGough who I have followed since the sixties! How old does that make me, way before you were born!!


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