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Listening Ear

You don’t listen because you have to, It’s because you really care, And on more than one occasion I’ve been so glad you’ve been there. Not much is gained by talking, Or at least that’s how I feel, Before you’ve … Continue reading

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Before and After

Things changed the day Her mother left Her Dad was always sad. She tried to cheer her father up To make him feel less bad. But tears kept rolling, Tears on tears, Each fat drop added To her fears That … Continue reading

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Carefree #Haiku

Fat worm in his beak, Blue tit sits astride a branch. No cares. No worries.

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Panic Rising

Anxiety bubbles up, Threatening to overthrow me; Panic like a stranglehold Round my neck, Clawing at my ribs, Darting from my eyes, Present in my jagged breaths, All consuming. I fumble for a life saver, Something to keep me buoyant … Continue reading

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The Crest of a Wave

On the crest of a wave, Would he surf, Would he fall? On top of the world, Or weighed down by it all? He was up, He was down, He was playing the clown, But behind the facade Was a … Continue reading

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Marble in a Jar

She was a marble in a jar, Pressed amongst Hard, Cold marbles, Struggling to find her way out. Each time she moved up, The marbles around her shifted, Unpredictably, Until she found herself resting At the bottom of the jar … Continue reading

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A new beginning, But the ending is so hard; Ambivalence reigns.

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Raining Love

The rain falls down, And your hopes rise high, Life and love fill you And come falling from the sky. The rain can’t dampen spirits That are soaring high with love Even as the rain is gushing down From the … Continue reading

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Interminably Lonely

They tiptoed round him, Like he might break if they got too close, They neither touched,nor spoke with him. What would they say? What would he do if their words were wrong? They’d all heard the rumours; A crazy man, … Continue reading

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Worry is Like a Big Brown Bear

Worry is like a big brown bear It’s big and it’s bad and it gives you a scare Perhaps you pretend that your worries aren’t there, But then you are scared, is it here? Is it there? You wait for … Continue reading

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