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Marbles of Truth

The truth sat uncomfortably in his mouth. Like marbles. He longed to spit it out, To vomit truth and hold nothing back. He began to speak, The first marble dropping into his hand, In a dripping pool of pus and … Continue reading

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Morning Run

We run before the others rise, Beneath ink blue and starry skies, Our feet upon cold pavements beat, The only feet upon the street. We like our early morning run, Whilst others think it can’t be fun, For me and … Continue reading

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Chicken Pox

If I could itch on your behalf And take away the pain, And steal your fever for myself, I would; Dad feels the same. We hate to see you poorly, And we wish that you were well, The sadness in … Continue reading

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False Memories Framed

Stuck in a photo frame, A memory with no meaning. Forced smiles And feigned jollity, Captured in a moment Of quiet between storms (Both literal and metaphorical). It sits on your mantelpiece. Pride of place for a false memory, So … Continue reading

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Facing the World

[what it feels like trying to pass as ‘normal’ when managing severe anxiety] The strangest thing About this fight Is how hard ‘Normal’ feels. I put myself Out in the world; My heart pounds, My head reels. The world sees … Continue reading

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Dog Walk

Gloves on, Coat on, Scarf on, Smile on. Dog walk, Heart pounds, Feet pound, Heart slows. Head shouts, Time slows, Dog plays, Fear goes. Get home, Boots off, Happy dog, Happy me. Small goals, Big feats, Fight hard, Can’t cheat.

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Moment by Moment

[Trigger warning – I’m struggling a lot with thoughts of suicide at the moment which are echoed here. International suicide hotlines] Sometimes, the future looks bright, The possibilities many, Inspiring, Exciting. I feel full of hope and want to fight. … Continue reading

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One Story

One story, Made of many, Different starts, And different ends. And we navigate it blindly, Lead the way, Or follow friends. And our stories Are united by the paths That we traverse, And they branch Or they meander Or end … Continue reading

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What we know Is filtered by our flaws, Sometimes more beautiful For this lens Growing bountiful and pure, But sometimes Warped and twisted, Imprinted with times past Or future feared. When then, can re rely On what we think we … Continue reading

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Hand in the Dark

Alone in the dark She felt for her way But was lost And began to despair. And she cried as she walked And she stumbled about And then suddenly His hand was there. He held on to her tight And … Continue reading

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