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Looking Forwards

The last year had been hard. He found himself dwelling On failures And hard times, Unable to leave them behind. How though, Could he stride forward With one foot always in the past? Trapped and tethered, Torn and tattered. He … Continue reading

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Love Balm

Walking by the river With my lover, Arm in arm, I stop and live the moment, Soak his love up Like a balm. I know there will be hard times, Bumps and ditches In the road; But when I face … Continue reading

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Brian the Blue Tit’s Culinary Adventure

Brian the blue tit felt there must be more, To his life than he heard and he did and he saw. He was fed up of eating the same thing each day, Fed up of making his nest the same … Continue reading

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I’m Not Tired

I’m not tired Said the child With bags under her eyes, Who was yawning so often, She risked catching flies. I’m not tired, She insisted, Tears wetting her cheeks I don’t need to sleep, Those tears are a leak. I’m … Continue reading

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Retreating from the World

Some days, When things get too much, She retreats. She just sleeps And she eats. And she hides. She doesn’t emerge, For days at a time, Until she feels well enough To say ‘I am fine.’ Of course, She’s not … Continue reading

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Conversations with my Grandpa

Walk in time with me my dear, And let me tell you how We did things when I was young, So differently from now. Listen for a while dear, And learn from my mistakes, I love to pass on wisdom … Continue reading

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The moment when The perfect gift, Complete with bows and ribbon, Is handed out From ‘neath the tree And now the gift is given. The giftee holds it in two hands, And gives a gentle squeeze (But perfect presents are … Continue reading

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Tea Leaves and Horroscopes

She stared into the candle flame, Convinced it held her fate. She was the type who wanted answers Handed to her on a plate. She always read her horoscope Religiously each day, And she worried if her tea leaves Landed … Continue reading

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Christmas Can Be Lonely

Spare a thought for those alone At Christmas time this year For some of them, the problem is Their family don’t live near. Others have no family left, No kind friends to take them in. That they should be all … Continue reading

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I Can Do Anything. Maybe

I say that I don’t need you, I can do this on my own, But in truth, I’ll struggle If I haven’t yet been shown. But I’m too proud to say so, I’ll attempt it anyway, And when I make … Continue reading

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