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The Chase

The faster you run The faster I hide From the demon You you give rise to Clawing inside Of my guts Of my belly My mind And my head It’s monstrous Preposterous Why can’t you instead Just run slowly Less … Continue reading

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Toes on Show

It was a toes on show day, You know the kind, That makes all worries melt away. People were smiling As they were filing Through town. Fulfilling mundane jobs, Buying bits and bobs And food For the cat. But the … Continue reading

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I never knew what hate was But you taught me very well, By pretending to the world you cared Whilst in private, life was hell. The thing that is most cruel of all? That you won’t let me go.. We’ve … Continue reading

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Your temper unravels, Swinging.. Fraying at the ends; Like a yarn that’s Lost its way And now lies In a mess, A jumbled heap Upon a recently swept floor. I try to understand how the yarn Unfurled. What caused the … Continue reading

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The Fruit Tree

The tree was heavy – fruit so ripe, Its branches swept the floor. The birds and squirrels ate the fruit, The tree produced some more. The people passed And helped themselves, And pickled fruit For jars on shelves, But still … Continue reading

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Small acts of kindness

Small acts of kindness Brighten the darkest days. Smiles change everything. [upon finishing my bathroom today, my builders presented it to me complete with flowers in a vase to match the tiles. As I’ve been suffering with a migraine for … Continue reading

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Hot lazy motesĀ 

Dust motes slowly drift, Lazily falling downwards; Made tired by the heat.

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The flower, Once deadheaded, Springs into bloom once more. Are we so different From our petalled counterparts? Should we really hold dear The parts of life that need deadheading? Or would the courage To rid ourselves of malice, ill and … Continue reading

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Sun Shine and Tears

Why is it When the sun shines, That my mood sinks; I feel sad? The brightest, Nicest, Sunny days, All leave me Feeling sad. Is it the weight of expectation That these summer days all bring That make me feel … Continue reading

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Oh to be a cat

Basking in sunshine, Content, purring, warm and fed. Oh to be a cat.

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