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Journey to the Road’s End

The end of the road Is so near but so far, It depends how you travel, On foot Or by car. Travelling alone Makes the journey seem longer, Walking together Makes walking legs stronger. Sometimes we’re too focused On reaching … Continue reading

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Summer Skies #Haiku

Clouds travel slowly. Shapes shift, inspiring dreamers. Bright blue summer skies.

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Rain #Haiku

Silence but for rain, The wet bringer of new growth. The forest smiles.

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A New Hand to Hold

He stood and he stared And the reached for the hand Of the person he hoped Would help him understand. But the hand was not there, And the bad feelings grew, And before long he found He knew not what … Continue reading

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Lust Lost

She mistook lust for love, And so the die was cast, The lust fit like a glove, This lust was built to last. But lust does not last well, As she too soon would learn, Whilst lust makes your heart … Continue reading

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Fun Times

Your laughter echoes Through my heart, It always has done, From the start. And as you grow, The fun grows too And my life’s Much more fun with you; So thank you girls For making me, Take the time To … Continue reading

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Parting Moments

Her world slipped into darkness, As his world was filled with light, He entered as she exited, They’d journeyed through the night. She hung on bravely wishing For a cuddle and a kiss, And the moments that she held him … Continue reading

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All in a day’s work

Her life was forever changed By the things he’d done Unknowingly. The way his eyes held hers Unafraid, The way he challenged her Undaunted by her label Untempted to wrap her in cotton wool. The wool of others smothered her, … Continue reading

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Frosty Foothills

She felt nothing. She sat cold and fragile At the foot of a mountain Covered in snow. She called for help But her voice echoed Through valleys Fragmented, Unheard. She knew there was help At the mountain top But she … Continue reading

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We stood And we stared And we breathed And we sighed. Could it be true? Could she have lied? Could she have pulled off The greatest deceit; Then into the shadows Slunk off to retreat? She wouldn’t She couldn’t Or … Continue reading

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