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Thank You

Thank you for the work you do, Your students know you care Their lives each day feel better Just for knowing that you’re there. You’re someone they can turn to, And you’re someone they can trust, You’re someone who is … Continue reading

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Aches and Pains

Your cuddle soothes, And kiss caress My head; My head is such a mess. Your hand in mine, My heart with yours, Into your ear My trouble pours. You cannot help, But listen well( The agony My stomach swells. The … Continue reading

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Busy Mind

Some days the thoughts Are fast And vast; They swirl And whirl And twirl, Unfurl. They make no sense, Yet feel intense, The stress immense, My muscles tense. Filling head And racing heart, Hard to tell The two apart, Aching … Continue reading

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Though the detour felt Unnecessary, Hilly, Winding, And hard to navigate, She got where she was going, Eventually, And though it was hard work And less direct than she’d have liked, As she looked back From the road’s end, She … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home [Haiku]

Greeted with cuddles, Folded into loving arms. It’s good to be home.

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Pastures New

Cry no tears For what has been, What’s happened Can’t return. The thing That we Can take from it Is lessons, We can learn. And as we learn, Life moves along, We graze On pastures new. And draw on Past … Continue reading

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What felt so hard, So alien, Grows easier with time, Practice And perseverance Pay off Until what once felt impossible Is quietly Achieved.

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Welcome Home Phillip! 

Happily you’re home It welcomes you, and you it. Smiles for everyone!

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Ode to a Bluebottle

To the fly Who buzzes In my room All night To the fly On my face, In the dark, Who breeds fright, To the fly, Buzzing loud, Stopping me, Sleeping tight. BUZZ OFF!

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Summer Afternoon [haiku]

Summer’s whispered song, Warm breezes, long afternoons. Lazy, happy days.

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