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Making Memories

We’ll make memories, You and me, Hold my hand And come and see. Everything we say or do Will make a memory anew. Some will be funny, Some will be sweet, Some will be sad And some we won’t beat. … Continue reading

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Fragile Friendships

What happens when You know someone, But what you knew was wrong? That what you were Told was the truth, Was pure lies all along? It’s hard to move on forwards, To forgive and to forget. Friendships built on trust … Continue reading

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Friends Forever?

As you fall asleep murmuring Your best friends’ names, I often wonder What kind of games, You must have played With them today, That were so fun The memories play Back to you, As you fall asleep And these friends, … Continue reading

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Tea, Tea, Glorious tea, Healer of pain And virtually free. Tea and a hug, Is far better still, Tea, hugs and relatives, Is something that will

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On Christmas Day, With Love

With love to you on Christmas Day, The international day of play, When adults, pets and children too, Stop whatever else they do, On every other day each year, And indulge in some festive cheer. Wearing PJs and a smile, … Continue reading

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Those friends we need

It’s hard to know how To say thank you to someone Who helped you, When needed, But they just weren’t aware. They’re in all of our lives… That special kind of someone Who loved you, And held you, And they … Continue reading

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